The Muscle Trigger
The Muscle Trigger
The Muscle Trigger
The Muscle Trigger

The Muscle Trigger

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THE MUSCLE TRIGGER was designed to keep everyone feeling their best. Making a quick path to muscle recovery. Creating a tool to promote recovery and add more workouts to your routine. The muscle trigger offers a wide variety of uses so be ensured that you have the best tool you need to keep moving. The muscle trigger really triggers your performance.

The Muscle Trigger helps you target the muscles trigger points to move and perform better. The cone shape design and bar attachment make it an innovative massage therapy tool. On or off the bar the muscle trigger has the strength and feel that mimic the touch of a therapist’s hand. This one of a kind tool is for anybody and everybody!athlete or not. The muscle trigger will make you feel your best wherever you are. This was created with the passion for improving physical health, ease of self-care, mobility, and maintain personal wellness, the muscle trigger is the best tool you can have. Used at-home, athletic offices, and gym/wellness centers.
We know by incorporating the muscle trigger into a daily routine, you can enhance your performance, recover faster, and prevent injuries. So train hard, feel great and recover so do the things you love


Muscle Trigger is simply the best tool to release tension and to promote muscle recovery. Increase blood flow and reduce inflammation with just 5 minutes a day.


- Accelerate recovery, reduce soreness, correct muscular imbalances, improve daily function, and increase mobility

- Engineered with its cone shape for to act like a Massage Therapist Tumb to target various muscle groups that lacrosse balls and foam rollers just can't reach

- Helps relieve back pain, plantar fasciitis, and other fitness related injuries by smoothing and releasing fascia

- Safe on your skin with its latex-free durable silicone design

- Lightweight and portable


- Trigger Point Therapy

- Barbell Mobility

- Barbell end Protection for travel

- Used as a scraping tool with or without oil

- Add more workouts with your barbell

- Generates Blood Flow and Increases Flexibility